The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority buses may quit rolling.
In a press release, Our news department received yesterday from BRTA contact Robert Malanti.

The Press release said that drivers for Paratransit Management of the Berkshires have reportedly voted down the best and final offer during contract negotiations as well as called for a strike. The best and final offer was presented at the January 26th mediation meeting.

The membership also authorized a work stoppage within 10 days.

The BRTA, which oversees Paratransit, was informed of the vote but has yet to receive written notification regarding the details of the strike, according to BRTA Administrator Robert Malnati.

The strike will impact all aspects of the BRTA. This action may also cause the BRTA bus service to cease operations and also halt maintenance performed on BRTA vehicles. The union had been working with a mediator to settle a contract and the "best and final offer" was delivered to the union on Jan. 26. The membership's vote had twice been postponed before Tuesday.

Malnati said.

"The fixed route (BTM) operators, mechanics, and maintenance staff are still working, but cannot cross picket lines"

The Intermodal Center will remain open and Peter Pan, Greyhound, and Amtrak will still stop in Pittsfield.

The BRTA has an annual ridership of more than 600,000, with close to 80,000 of those through the paratransit service that supplements the fixed bus service for those with impaired mobility.

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