How much money would you be willing to give up to get just to have an extra day off a month?

If you ask me the extra cash would be a stand out for me, but then who wouldn't want an extra day off a month?
A new survey found over half of us would rather get an extra day off each month to deal with bills and other life tasks than get a 10% raise. (It's roughly 5% fewer workdays a year if you work five days a week.

Here are some "life admin" tasks we hate the most.

Responding to messages and emails. 31% of us find it overwhelming.

Making phone calls, also 31%.

Reaching out to customer service, 27%.

Updating your calendar or planner, 26%.

Organizing your files, in real life or on your computer, 26%.

According to the survey, commissioned by Trust & Will, younger respondents are especially interested in having an extra day off. Sixty-nine percent of Generation Z (ages 18-24) and 64 percent of millennials (ages 25-29) say they’d prefer a “life admin” day. On the other side, 68 percent of baby boomers (age 56+) would take a bigger salary.

The survey also found two-thirds of us regularly feel overwhelmed by those types of things. 57% admitted they sometimes procrastinate with stuff that would only take a few minutes. And half of us feel like we're not true adults most of the time.

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