UMass Amherst and Boston television station WCVB conducted a poll of Mass residents on a number of different topics and the results are interesting.  The poll was conducted between November 9th and the 16th.  An array of questions was asked from the support of child COVID-19 vaccines to the legalization of weed in the state to who is more responsible for the Patriot's decades-long success Brady, Belichick, or Kraft.

A total of 750 Mass residents were sampled over the 9-day period.  The question asked only to parents with children under 18 probed whether their kids got a COVID-19 vaccination, if they planned to, or if they would not be getting vaccinated.  Of the 148 sampled 13% had already gotten 1 dose, 41% would definitely or probably be getting vaccinated against COVID and 31% answered they will probably or definitely not be getting vaccinated.

The total 750 sample size weighted in on their COVID-19 vaccination status.  Of the 750 79% have received 2 doses…6% have received 1 dose and 16% are non-vaxed according to the UMass WCVB poll.

On the topic of marijuana legalization Mass residents were asked if they felt the legalization of weed in the state back in 2016 has been positive or negative for Massachusetts.  Only 13% of all 750 surveyed felt that it was somewhat or very negative for the state while 61% said it was either very positive or somewhat positive.  A quarter of respondents had no opinion either way.

The death penalty debate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the scumbag convicted in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing was put on the table in the UMass/WCVB poll.  Out of the 750 people polled 49% supported or strongly support Tsarnaev being put to death…30% opposed or strongly opposed the death penalty while 21% had no opinion.  Last month the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether the state should reinstate the death penalty in this case or not.  A final decision is expected sometime next year.

On a lighter subject but still controversial, the poll asked 750 Mass residents who is more responsible for the success of the New England Patriots during their 6 Super Bowl championships between 2000 and 2019.  Was it Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, or Robert Kraft?  The GOAT received 25% of the credit, Coach Belichick 11%, and owner Robert Kraft 3%.  As a big Pats fan, I was excited to see that 44% said that all three were responsible for the team’s success.  There was 18% of those polled that “didn’t know.”

The poll went deeper into school policies as well as legalizing sports gambling in the state.  Click this link to read the entire UMass Amherst/WCVB Poll.

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