2023 seems to be the year of farewell tours. I recently read an article published by Louder stating that Kiss, the Eagles, Candlebox, Dead & Company, Foreigner, The B-52s, Kenny Loggins, and Parliament/Funkadelic all have farewell tours in 2023. Some of these bands may just be retiring from touring while others may retire altogether. Then you have those groups that will change their mind and continue to tour for another 20 years after their current farewell tour (that's right, we're talking about Kiss).

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There's Another Legendary Band From Massachusetts That Will be Starting a Farwell Tour Soon 

No, I didn't forget, there's one more legendary band that will be kicking off their farewell tour in September and will wrap up in January 2024. I'm talking about the bad boys from Boston, Aerosmith. Though I probably won't be seeing Aerosmith on their "Peace Out" tour, I have had the pleasure of seeing the band multiple times including the tour with another band that is retiring from touring, Kiss. There's no doubt that Aerosmith puts on a stellar show and if you have never experienced the band live, the Peace Out tour is your last chance.

You Only Have One Opportunity to See Aerosmith Perform Live in Massachusetts

Speaking of last chance, you'll have only one opportunity to see Aerosmith in Massachusetts during the Peace Out tour and that will be at TD Garden in Boston on Dec. 31. Now, that's a great way to celebrate New Year's (you can get tour dates and complete information about the tour by going here). It's also worth mentioning that original drummer Joey Kramer will not be on the farewell tour as he will be focusing his full attention on his family and health. Kramer's second wife, Linda died on June 22, 2022, at age 55. The Black Crowes will be joining Aerosmith as their special guest on the Peace Out tour.

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