As soon as the weather gets nice it seems there is an uptick in bikes stolen in the Berkshires, and if you look on facebook it seems that Pittsfield has seen its share of bikes being stolen.

I have seen so many parents on social media talking and venting about their kid's bikes that were stolen, and this morning was not any different, but in this case, the parent who saw it happening yelled at the kids trying to steal the bike, that did not seem to scare them as they yelled obscenities back at her.

The good part is they didn't get the bike.

The mother was kind enough to share the videos of the kids coming to her house. and going down her driveway to the backyard where the bike was.

There were three videos altogether below is the first and second video where the group of kids comes up to the front of the house,  and go down the side of the house. There is a third video which after speaking with Dzray, thought it was best not to put the third up it may tip of folks to where the third important camera. I did watch the third videos and it does show a kid trying to take the bike.

videos courtesy of Dzray



When I messaged back and forth with Dzray (her screen name), she told me.

It is a shame these kids are doing this sort of thing since we have a caring and generous community that if a kid needed a bike I am sure the community would step up and help them to get one. Officer Darren Derby has helped many kids get bikes and basketball hoops and I am sure would help them. Plus these kids could end up hurt or worse doing such things especially if they do so when it is dark out and people could end up shooting first and not knowing how old their target is. So I would hope if a kid needed or wanted a bike they would try and ask and I am sure someone somewhere would be willing to help them get one rather than go through these dangerous and criminal means to try and get one.

I mentioned to  Dzray that is looked like a little bike gang, Dzray said.

Bikes are like currency I was told... some exchange bikes for drugs and money. Others just take them to get from point A to point B and then ditch them or ride them until they break something on them and then ditch them.


Here is what you should do if you own a bike.

  • Take a picture of the bike
  • Write down the type of bike and serial number
  • Even if you have the bike in a locked garage or shed, lock it to an immovable object.
  • Buy a good lock or two
  • Run one lock through the back tire and the frame, the second do the same with the front tire and frame but also make sure that you also lock it to an immovable object.
  • If someone has stolen your bike report it to the police department.




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