Berkshire County Back the Blue and Tim Sullivan are hosting a convoy to support Berkshire County law enforcement officers Saturday.

Tim Sullivan wrote on his Facebook page.

Want everyone to know and understand that this event is not against any other movements going on in the world right now. As well as this is not a political rally. I would appreciate keeping the politics out of it.

THIS EVENT is a Back the Blue Convoy only to show support for our wonderful Police officers that keep us safe day in and day out.

The convoy was set to begin at 10 a.m. in the parking lot at Ray Murray Inc., at 50 Limestone Road in Lee.

The convoy is headed to the Lee center, the Lee State Police Barracks, Lenox center, Pittsfield Police headquarters, Dalton Police, Hinsdale Police and Becket Police, before ending at Papa Bob’s restaurant and bar in Becket.

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