So first of all Scott, my husband was tested for COVID-19 we found out the other day that he tested Negative, but has a bad upper respiratory infection which I am very thankful for and also thank you to our wonderful listeners who reached out on Facebook to me you are so appreciated!

Unfortunately, a total of 37 Berkshire residents have tested positive for COVID-19 according to the State Department of Public Health. Two county residents now had died as of Tuesday. The newest Berkshire County death from the virus was a woman in her 60s with underlying health issues.

Sluggish turnaround times for tests and a lack of testing materials have slowed down testing efforts in the Berkshires, according to health leaders.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that according to BHS Media Relations Director Michael Leary, BMC had been testing about 100 people a day last week. He cited statewide shortages on testing supplies as the reason for a significant slowdown in testing this week. The hospital tested only 36 people on Monday.

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