Little is known about a robbery that took place this morning at Greylock Federal Credit Union's Elm Street branch as Pittsfield Police continue to investigate.

According to The Berkshire Eagle, at about 10:20 a.m., an unidentified person "whose identity was concealed" went up to a bank teller, handed them a note, and left with an undisclosed amount of money.  No weapon was shown.

Lieutenant Mike Maddalena of the PPD said at this time to gender of the perpetrator is unclear.  Investigators are reviewing surveillance video from the bank as well as neighboring business in search of anything to help identify the suspect and/ or determine if there were any vehicles were involved.

There were several tellers and members in the building at the time of the robbery, but thankfully no one was hurt.

The parents of a 21-year-old teller, who were outside the credit union Wednesday morning, told the publication their son had been held up, but they declined to identify him.

A photo was released Wednesday afternoon by the PPD of the suspect.

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