Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer has lifted Pittsfield’s health state of emergency in effect since March of last year.  The move by Tyer is in line with the state of Massachusetts officially lifting the state of emergency and other COVID-19 restrictions.

The state of emergency allowed Pittsfield and other cities and towns in the state access state and federal resources so that they could effectively serve the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The declaration has also triggered the establishment of a unified command that was comprised of senior-level city officials for the purposes of tracking, monitoring, planning, and executing decisions that are related to the mitigation of COVID-19. On Tuesday, state lawmakers are expected to continue discussions on extensions and provisions, such as outdoor dining and virtual municipal meetings, that were allotted across the state during the pandemic.

According to the Community Impact Dashboard Pittsfield has only 1 active contagious cases of COVID-19.  According to the dashboard 78 houses are currently under quarantine in Pittsfield.  There is still more work that needs to be done to convince non-believers in the vaccine to get the jab.  Currently 66% of Pittsfield residents are vaccinated with at least one dose and 54% are fully vaccinated.  Over 100,000 COVID-a9 tests have been administered since the start of the pandemic in Pittsfield.

Yesterday the country passed the 600,000 lives lots because of the pandemic.

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