The Big Bowl Game is coming up this weekend on February 13. Friends, Family, the food, and yes the ads during the game, it's a fun time for all.

Everyone has their favorite, Mine was the Clysdale horses for Budweiser, which did not air last year for the first time ever. So I'm happy to say they are back this year!

FOX 2 St. LouisFacebook

Now we go back to one of my favorites.

Dressurhaflinger Team Sandros/Facebook

One guy I really didn't think I would see in a Bowl video, he has his fingers in so many things now.

Wonders List/Facebook

You have seen this guy for over a year now talking about his cousin from Boston. Do you love it? I do!

Samuel Adams/Facebook

Well, which one of these is the worst? The New Bowl video or the older one of Matthew McConaughey?


The Older one?


As far as 2021 goes this came in at number two.

Rocket mortgage/Youtube

These two were at the top of the ad charts. They placed first and second and you can see why Tracy Morgan is so funny doing the straight man thing.

This is one of my favorites "The Budweiser Frogs" they're a proud part of the history of The Super Bowl commercials that I love. They Made a whole series on the frogs.


On to the cute commercial. This one had a life of its own after the Superbowl.

Lou Bosch/Youtube

Here are a few more E-Trade babies for you, Enjoy

Check out this teaser's reel of some more of these during the show Sunday.

WondersList/Facebook ads that will be seen Sunday. Can you name all the stars in them?

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