I think all of us at one time or another have had to wait on hold waiting to talk to customer service for what seems to be an eternity, plus more companies are going the recorded answer call where they give you 50 different extensions. It can make you pull your hair out, or maybe not?

More than one in five Americans will stay on hold with customer service INDEFINITELY, according to a new poll.

31% will only wait five minutes,34% will wait up to 15 minutes before they hang up, and 22% said they'll stay on the phone "as long as they need to."

The remaining 13% said they refuse to wait on hold. They'll either request a callback or find another way to get in touch.

One in seven people also said they wish "hold" music wasn't a thing. 15% of us would rather sit and stew in silence while we wait.

The most popular type of hold music is classical with 20% of the vote. Country music and "rock or pop" tied for second, then hip hop.

Just over a quarter of us think that "listening to annoying music or repeated messages while on hold" is one of the most annoying things about customer service.

And 80% of us have gotten so frustrated, we've either started swearing at a customer service rep or broken down in tears.

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