When Fries are cooked just right they are so tasty, I am talking about crispy deliciousness and nice and hot, not droopy fries that taste like rubber once they get cold.
I have not tried these fries before they have gravy and cheese curds on them otherwise known as poutine Quebec meal with french fries, gravy and cheese curds, the weirdest I ever got with fries was using Arby horseradish mayo.

Poutine quebec meal with french fries, gravy and cheese curds

If you want a reason to hit up your local burger place, this is it, Today is National French Fry Day.
A large percentage of Americans like French fries. Only 4% dislike them. 12% are "neutral." And the remaining 1% don't know how they feel?? somehow.


Also, fries run in 2nd place as the most popular American dish losing out to the Hamburger.

French fries also came in at the number two position as far as foods can't live without coming in second only to pizza.

So who makes the best fries here in the Berkshires and what do you top your crispy fries with?

In a ranking across the nation of the "ultimate" fast food fries, McDonald's is #1 by a long shot. Chick-fil-A is second, followed by Five Guys, Wendy's, and Arby's.

What is your favorite style of fries? Nationwide "regular" is the most popular, with curly fries being a close second. Steak-cut, crinkle, and waffle fries round out the Top Five.

Here are some restaurants that are doing fry giveaways today.

Hardee’s – Sign up for email newsletters and get a coupon for a free small fry and small beverage with the purchase of any Original Angus Burger.

Wendy’s – The restaurant is giving away a free large order of fries with any purchase via the app.

McDonalds-Free fries for all, Get free fries on July 13. To get the offer, download the McDonald’s app, opt-in to MyMcDonald’s Rewards, and add the deal for medium fries to your cart. It is valid 1x on 7/13/21 at participating locations. McDonald's will give one fan will win free fries "for life" or 50 years through its World Famous Fan contest.

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