Massachusetts is the home for lots of great bakeries and donut joints that have some amazing donuts. In terms of spots that are exclusive only to Massachusetts, we even had a bakery recently listed as one of the must-try bakeries in the U.S. The Bay State is also home to one of the most popular donut chains in the country with Dunkin'. (Didn't you see the Super Bowl ad?) But what donut spot is being called the best donut shop in the state of Massachusetts? (Hint: It's not Dunkin'.)

Recently, a popular food publication, known as 'Love Food' made their picks for the best donut shop in every state. They compiled their research using a combination of customer reviews, personal experiences, awards, and recognitions received by said donut shops. This particular donut shop even adds a little bit of a local flavor to their donuts they make everyday (pun intended).

If you want to find the best donut shop in Massachusetts, you will need to make your way to the eastern side of the state. However, don't worry, there isn't just one location of this donut spot, there are several in the region. The joint that is being called the best donut shop in Massachusetts is Blackbird Doughnuts.


'Love Food' picked out some of its own favorites at the donut joint in describing just why they picked Blackbird Doughnuts as the best donut shop in the state:

This place is known for its bismarcks – plump, cream-filled donuts – in rotating flavors such as Boston cream, lemon, cherry pie, and cannoli. There are six Blackbird Doughnuts stores in Boston, and people love trying the seasonally changing fillings. It isn’t cheap, but fans agree that donuts this good are well worth the money.

It seems they even have plenty of themed donuts for every season to get festive with as well.

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