Results from a new poll released by Suffolk University, the Boston Globe and WGBH show that an overwhelming majority of Mass residents approve of Governor Charlie Baker’s handling of the Covid-19 health crisis.

According to data published on the WGBH website 84% approve (420 surveyed) of the Baker’s handling of the outbreak in Massachusetts.   Only 10% or 50 residents disapprove of the Gov’s action plan.

The survey asked about President Trumps handling the coronavirus outbreak…25% (125) approve with 66% (330) disapprove of the national response.

The survey of exactly 500 Mass Residents broke down 48% Male (240) and 51.80% Female (259).  Of those surveyed 46.20% (231) were Democrats, 13% (65) Republicans and 37.20 (187) Independents.

When asked if they support Governor Baker extending the non-essential business closure and the stay-at- home advisory, 426 or 85.20% were in favor of the May 18th extension, while 62 people or 12.40% were opposed.

According to the Suffolk University, the Boston Globe and WGBH poll released today, most residents polled were “very worried” 35% or “somewhat worried” 35% about someone in their family being infected with Covid-19.  Those “not too worried” came in at 19%, while those “not worried at all” registered 10%.

Most residents say they are “very strict” about social distancing and not gathering in large groups.  That majority tallied almost 70% or 347 out of 500 surveyed.  “Pretty strict” came in at just over 24%...” not very strict” 4% and almost 2% said “not strict at all.”

When asked how comfortable they would be returning to activities when allowed…” eating out” 42% said they would be comfortable and 54% are not.  Returning to a sporting event, 23% would be comfortable, 73% are not.  Going to a movie, or concert, 24% said they would go, while 73% said no.  Gyms are also not high on the comfort list with 32% “comfortable” and 66% “not comfortable” once gyms are allowed to reopen.

A hot topic nationally is conducting the upcoming election in November by mail in ballot.  A majority 73% said they support voting by mail while 21% did not.

Some of the percentages shown in this post were rounded off.  For the complete results of the Suffolk University, the Boston Globe and WGBH survey, click on this link to WGBH.

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