All I can say, Berkshire County, is there are drug busts and then there are DRUG BUSTS! Thanks to a major multi-agency drug investigation, approximately $250,000 worth of drugs were taken off our streets.

According to a media statement from Hampden County District Attorney Anthony Gulluni following a press conference held earlier Wednesday morning, last week more than 20,000 bags of heroin, two rifles, some handguns, extended magazines, ammo, and $6,000 in cash were seized from an apartment in Holyoke.

Gulluni stated that the major bust was a result of a huge narcotics investigation between the Hampden County Narcotics Task Force, the Strategic Action and Focused Enforcement(S.A.F.E.) Unit, and the Holyoke Police Department.

Apparently, for over two months, the Hampden County Narcotic Task Force has been looking into the drug sales of heroin and cocaine taking place at 119 Nonotuck Street in Holyoke. Their investigation intensified after a murder occurred in the parking lot near the apartment building in early September and over 30 shell casings were recovered.

In the early afternoon of October 7th, Holyoke Police Department officers executed a search warrant and according to the Hampden District Attorney's media statement, this is what was seized during the search:

  • 20,165 bags of heroin weighing over 400 grams
  • over 1 kilo of cocaine
  • 2 AR-15 rifles
  • 3 handguns
  • over 20 extended magazines
  • ammunition
  • $6,000 in cash

Two men were arrested on numerous drug and weapon charges, Victor Colon, 23, of Holyoke, and Francisco Marrero, 22, also of Holyoke. Both men were arraigned yesterday in Holyoke District Court and are being held without bail pending dangerousness hearings scheduled for Friday, October 14.

Great work to all law enforcement agencies involved because eventually, maybe not right away, but at some point, a good portion of those drugs would have "trafficked" their way to the Berkshires. For more on the story, check out District Attorney Gulluni's Facebook page here.

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