It’s time to take down the Christmas tree.  Especially if it’s not a fake tree.  In a recent press release the City of Pittsfield announced Christmas tree pick up has been scheduled to coincide with your neighborhood’s regularly scheduled trash pick-up day.

A dried-out tree is a leading source of house fires and the State Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey is encouraging Massachusetts residents to get that tree out of the house promptly.  According to Ostroskey, even if the tree is not the source of a fire, once ignited it will rapidly help spread a fire.

Casella will begin tree pickup this coming week…

A breakdown of the schedule includes the following servicing information:

The week of Jan. 9th, Casella will pick up trees on Monday and Friday routes.

The following week of Jan. 16th, they will pick up along the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday routes.

During the week of Jan. 23rd, Casella will resume tree collection with Monday and Friday routes.

Lastly, the week of Jan. 30th, they will pick up trees according to the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday routes.

You can get additional information by calling 499-9330.

Another option to curbside trash pick-up is your local farm.  Goats love Christmas trees and also carries a health benefit. Most varieties of Christmas trees are a good source of Vitamin C and D which is a natural de-wormer for goats. White pine, Scotch pine Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir and the Blue Spruce are all on the approved goat menu.  Just like humans, overeating can cause problems, so goats should enjoy their vegan meal in moderation.  Never feed a goat a tree that you know has been treated with pesticides or any other chemical treatment.

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