We have another group of streets in Pittsfield that are due for some roadwork next week. Yes, September rolls on...as does the 2022 Pittsfield Street Improvement Project and we've got the info you need thanks to Department of Public Services and Utilities Commissioner Ricardo Morales and Roberta McCulloch-Dews, Director of Administrative Services and Public Information Officer for the Mayor's Office.

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Here is the brand-spanking new roadwork schedule for next week, Monday through Friday. Keep in mind, as always, the schedule is subject to change depending on the weather on any given day:

  • Monday and Tuesday, September 12th and 13th: Milling on West Street(both sides, from Francis Avenue to roughly 200 feet east of Hurlbut Street), Federico Drive, and Southern Avenue.
  • Wednesday, September 14th: First course of asphalt on Valentine Road(thank goodness!) from Lakewood Drive to Vin Hebert Boulevard.
  • Thursday and Friday, September 15th and 16th: First course of asphalt on West Street, Federico Drive, and Southern Avenue.

I'm sure you know the drill by now, Pittsfield residents. If any of the previously mentioned streets are a part of your daily commute to or from work, you may want to map out an alternate route, especially if you're running a little behind. Or maybe just an earlier start on your journey.

Also, you don't want to run the risk of your vehicle being towed at your expense, so be careful where you park. The city emphasizes that there is no parking on city streets between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on days when roadwork is scheduled to be conducted.

The city of Pittsfield thanks you for your patience. Just remember, in the end, this means better streets, better driving, and less wear and tear on your vehicle.

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