The Pittsfield Street Improvement Project has been ongoing for some time now, and it has consisted primarily of repaving city roads that are in bad shape. Well, one of the roads in the city that has certainly been in need of repaving for some time is East Street. On Monday, the city crew's work schedule will shift to that rough riding stretch.

A media release from the Office of Pittsfield Mayor Linda Tyer lays out the street improvement schedule for next week, the week of Monday, August 1st. The focus will be on East Street and work will continue there through Thursday, August 4th.

The first two days of the week will focus on milling the stretch of road and the second day will focus on the first coat of pavement.

Here is the latest schedule for Pittsfield’s 2022 Street Improvement Project:


  • Monday, August 1: milling on East Street on the east side. (from Park Square to the East St./Elm St./Fourth St. intersection)
  • Tuesday, August 2: milling on East Street on the west side. (from Park Square to the East St./Elm St./Fourth St. intersection)


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  • Wednesday, August 3: first coat of paving on East Street on the east side.
  • Thursday, August 4: first coat of paving on East Street on the west side.


City officials say that on-street parking is prohibited during work, which will take place between the hours of 12 am and Noon. Officials also say that there will be impacts on traffic. The schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions.

The media release doesn't say... but it's probably safe to assume that this work will continue the following week with the "first coat" of paving being done on Wednesday and Thursday this week.


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