The Zoning Board of Appeals in Adams continued its public hearing with Cumberland Farms to next month but still heard from some concerned residents.

The ZBA voted Tuesday to reschedule for June 7 and used the rest of the meeting to answer questions from the about 20 residents that attended the meeting.

The meeting was rescheduled after receiving a letter from Cumberland Farms asking to reschedule the hearing,

Cumberland Farms wants to build a gas station and convenience store at 95 Commercial St. The facility would sit on three parcels one of which contains Al's Service Center. reported The letter stated that Cumberland Farms asked for more time to prepare its plans.

The members of the crowd began listing off their concerns, some having to do with the layout, lighting and other physical attributes proposed in the plan.

Cumberland Farms is asking for three variances: one to demolish three structures at 95 Commercial St. and redevelop the land, one to allow two curb cuts, and one to allow the store to be opened 24 hours in an R-4 zoning district.

Some of the folks who attended did not think it was appropriate to have a business operating 24 hours in a residential zone.

The Zoning Board of Appeals did say it would provide anyone interested with Cumberland Farms' application as well as set up a map of the proposed project in Town Hall, so abutters and residents can receive all of the information they are looking for.