Funding is on the way for Massachusetts cities and towns to help with the impact the pandemic has had on municipalities.  Governor Baker and the state’s Lt. Governor Karyn Polito announced procedures cities and towns should follow to apply for funds.  Executive officers of cities’ and towns will apply for funds through a web-based application form.

According to the guidelines released yesterday, local officials can request funds from the federal Coronavirus Relief Fund, with the understanding that unspent amounts will need to be returned to the state.  The much-needed funds will help reduce the deficits and cash flow problems that cities’ and towns are facing.

The funding is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act’s Coronavirus Relief Fund for states and municipalities.  The initial pot of $500 million out of the 2.7 billion the state has been allocated will be distributed through the web-based application process.

The fund has allocated a total of $150 billion to ease the financial burden the pandemic has had on state and local governments.

The funds can cover the cost of everything from staffing, overtime, isolation costs for first responders, homeless sheltering, cleaning equipment and other related costs.  The expenses would have to fall between March 1st and December 30 of this year.  According to the guidelines there will be another opportunity to apply for additional funding relief for coronavirus connected costs in 2021.

Here are the eligible amounts that some Berkshire cities’ and towns can apply for…

North Adams $1,137,716

Adams $712,131

Cheshire $277,199

Dalton $579,174

Florida $63,833

Great Barrington $604,125

Lanesborough $261,417

Lee $503,878

Lenox $437,665

Pittsfield $3,750,037

Stockbridge $167,783

Click here for the complete application and guidelines and city and town funding availability released yesterday.


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