With Covid Cases on the rise here in Mass think about this. You're doing your weekly shopping, unless your me who goes a few times a week( trying to get the good deals) but this may not be such a great deal What do you think is the highest-risk thing you touch at the grocery store when it comes to the virus and other germs?

The CBC reports that Researchers went to 24 different stores and swabbed stuff to see how dirty everything was. And the big surprise was that low and behold your shopping cart handles aren't that bad.

But this other spot was pretty filthy

Credit card pin pads. They're the germiest surface because everyone uses them and they're not wiped down enough. So have your hand sanitizer ready when you pay, or if your like some folks I know you will have your gloves with you.

The handles on shopping baskets, People just grab them when they are walking the door and that is why they are probably germier than carts. also, they Probably are not being wiped down as much as the handles on carts.

The front of your shopping cart. People touch the front edge to pull or push their cart. And it's not wiped down as much as the handle is.

Freezer door handles. Again, lots of people grab them, so whip out your huge pack of sanitizers and wipe them down.

The baby seat in shopping carts. That plastic flap part didn't have very many germs. Probably because it's wiped down fairly often. And not that many people touch it.

The handle of your shopping cart. Again, not as bad because it's one of the spots most of the stores around here have employees wipe them down. And customers sometimes do it too.

By the time you get out of the stores you have to get another economy-sized sanitizer wipe package for your next trip to your local store.

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