* As of Monday, the Regal Theatre posted a sign that they were closing for good. Now the Berkshire Mall is down now to only one business left, that being the Target store. On top of that, there have not been any announcements of any business moving into the Mall. I am curious to see if Target stays at the Berkshire Mall location or another space here in the local area.

I tried calling the phone number listed for the Berkshire Mall, that went to a busy signal.

So back in August of 2021, there were some sounds of the Berkshire Mall that may be coming back alive. A lot of people here in the Berkshires were pretty excited about it, this was a statement that was put out back In August.

An outside management company says the Berkshire Mall will be staged to welcome new and former tenants in less than six months.
So far they have received inquiries from a fire museum and the closed Berkshire Carousel.

It has been years since the Berkshire Mall had stores, Target is still open and Regal Cinemas is back open too but that's it for now.

Since then the mall has been an empty shell, one thing that it was used for was a few Berkshire police K-9 units conducted some training that was in December of 2020.

At one point, back in March, the Lanesborough town's Planning Board was looking to rezone the area of the former Berkshire Mall facility to accommodate all possible uses outlined in a building reuse study.

On Christina Casteneda's Facebook page which is Berkshire Mall Re-Opening, It says:

My name is Christina and I’m working directly with the owners of the property to get the mall repaired and back in operation. We are hoping this page will serve as a bridge in communication with the community. Please like, share, follow, and tell your friends and family! We all know there’s a lot to be accomplished and we’re up for the challenge.
We’re looking forward to making the mall property useful to the community again.

The mall was built in 1988 and closed in 2019. and at one time had 75 stores.

I myself had reached out to through their Facebook page, Berkshire Mall The Re-Opening  To find out where the progress was, I did not hear anything from the Management company and the last posting on their page is from, August of 2021.

I am now wondering if anyone has seen or heard of any forward movement in the re-opening?

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