Half of Americans do snack all day, but is that good for you to do? Aside from eating other meals, snacks are a must for 83% of people who admitted they have at least two a day. A survey was done by one poll also revealed that 69% prefer snacking throughout the day instead of eating full, hearty meals.

I hate to say it but I don't like big meals, so I guess I am in the snacker category.

Of the snackers out there, they are trying to make healthier choices by paying attention to nutritional facts and product health claims when shopping for snacks.

Matt Slem, culinary scientist and rice expert at Lundberg Family Farms said,

“While the data show that Americans struggle with finding healthy snacks that also taste good, taste and nutrition don’t have to be mutually exclusive, Choosing the right snack means you can see the benefits of healthy eating, such as maintaining your energy and blood sugar levels throughout the day, without having to sacrifice taste.”

Folks who snack said they love snacking because it soothes their cravings also, they love the taste and the convenience of snacking, they also snack to satisfy their sweet tooth, others say that a salty snack hits the spot.

Snackers also like to snack healthy, eating fresh fruit, cheese, and nuts. Snack lovers noted that they never run out of snacks because they always have snacks on-hand after buying in bulk.

The Most Appealing Parts Of Snacking (SWNS)

Soothes cravings - 50%
Taste - 40%
Convenience - 38%
Variety - 37%
Too busy for meals - 34%

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