A day after telling employees it would wind down operations, Crane Stationery Co. In North Adams tweaked its public message Thursday.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that the company plans to carry on over the next eight weeks, with help from a federal loan worth more than $2 million.

The company plans to use that money to pay wages. Workers might not have to report to shifts, because of dramatic declines in orders.

After the bulk of that Paycheck Protection Program funding runs out, Crane says, it will lay off 85 percent of its 229-person workforce in June.

Crane Stationery's owner then will attempt to carry on as a smaller enterprise in North Adams, its chief executive says, by improving its website and adjusting to changes in buying habits driven by the coronavirus as well as upheavals in how people communicate.

Speaking of the Crane website at the top of the web page they have this note:

Does this help keep jobs when they are online telling everyone they are closed?

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