I wondered what was going on, I was in that area doing some shopping. they had lanes closed down to one lane on both Hubbard and Dalton avenues. Needless to say, traffic was a bit backed up in that area.

A water main near Hubbard and Dalton avenues that had been damaged last week by a state contractor burst open Wednesday while crews prepared the site for repairs.

The high-pressure water main supplies the city with water.
Cheshire Police Dept Facebook Page
Cheshire Police Dept Facebook Page

On the scene Wednesday, Commissioner of Public Services and Utilities Ricardo Morales said crews had been at the site to repair the damage caused last week.

He went on to say it appeared that the main burst as crews began clearing away the earth around the 2-foot-diameter pipe in order to make way for what those consulting on the repair project thought would be a simple fix.

The Berkshire Eagle reports that the burst sent water and rocks into the air, damaging vehicles parked at a nearby tire shop.
The burst also prompted an automated call to local residents to conserve water for 24 hours and avoid the area.
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