This week the Board of Selectmen made a change to the Winter Overnight Parking Ban regulation.  The Board changed the blanket “no overnight parking ban” that was in effect from November 15th – April 15th.  The ban will now only be in effect when there is a snow emergency in the town.

According to a post on the Adams Police Department Facebook page, the DPW will monitor weather conditions and determine if a snow emergency is warranted. Information on instituting an emergency parking ban will be announced on the Town’s website, social media, local media (including WUPE and WNAW) and other outlets.

One another parking note in the town...for those doing some holiday shopping downtown Pay-at-the-Meter Parking is now free through Friday January 1st.

Below is the official post regarding the change in overnight parking from the APD.

Adams Police Department

Please note changes to Parking:

At its meeting on November 4, 2020, the Board of Selectmen voted to modify its parking regulations as follows:

  • Winter Overnight Parking Ban which had historically been a blanket prohibition based on calendar day (November 15-April 15) will now only apply if a winter storm emergency is declared. The Department of Public Works will monitor weather conditions and determine if a snow emergency is warranted. The decision will be made in advance of the weather event as reasonably practicable based on weather forecasting. A start/end time based on the expected duration of the storm and time required to effectuate snow removal will be set. Once a declaration is made, Parking Ban and its duration will be communicated to the public using the Town’s website, social media, local media outlets including online news, print, radio, and community television. The decision to modify the Town’s winter parking ban is based on community feedback, easing residential parking restrictions. Town officials are considering this a test of the new protocol. In the event DPW and Police Department staff determine that public safety and effective snow removal is compromised using this protocol, the calendar date ban will be reinstated. We ask residents to please be aware of pending snowstorms, monitor local media and have a plan to move their vehicles as soon as a snow emergency is declared. We will need everyone’s help to make this modification work for our residents.
  • Pay-at-the-Meter Parking will be lifted for the holiday season starting Wednesday, November 25 and continuing through Friday, January 1. This affects the metered parking along Park Street and Summer Street and is meant to encourage residents and visitors to support our local restaurants and shops during the holiday season.
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