Here is the latest on the driver involved in the Hit-and-run, the suspect Grant G. Bentley, 41, now it seems he missed his arraignment from custody at the Marble Valley Correctional Facility in Rutland because his lawyer said he “wasn’t feeling well.”

Bentley is charged in the Jan. 10 hit and run of an elderly woman in the Walmart Bennington parking lot on Northside Drive. Bentley allegedly hit the woman with the front end of his SUV, then tried picking her up before giving up and dropping the woman on her head and fleeing the scene.

Police searched for Bentley for two weeks before locating him in the Southgate Motel on Route 7A in Bennington after an arrest warrant and police statement led to tips on his whereabouts.

Police arrested Bentley, who was hiding a bathroom in Room 20 of the motel. He was processed and sent to Marble Valley because of an outstanding parole warrant. Bentley had been scheduled for an arraignment at 1 p.m. Wednesday, but never showed up on the Webex courtroom broadcast.

Bentleys Defense lawyer Frederick Bragdon told the courtroom about the illness and asked that the “24-hour rule apply.” This allowed for the arraignment hearing to be rescheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Court paperwork traditionally is not released publicly until after a defendant is arraigned. Further details will follow after Bentley is officially arraigned. We shall wait and see if Bentley ended up going to court or runs.

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