Jerry Remy has had quite an unfortunate run over the last several years and he looks to have taken another step forward in his most recent battle with cancer. Not only that, he is going to be visiting his old friends in the broadcast booth on Wednesday night.

The longtime Boston Red Sox color commentator announced on Tuesday that he had his final radiation treatment and will visit the NESN broadcast booth during Wednesday night's game with the Orioles. For those who are hoping he will jump in and replace the likes of Dennis Eckersley (I have seen the social media comments as of late), that won't be happening. Instead, he will jump in the booth for an inning during the game.

NESN would announce in early August that Remy was diagnosed with cancer for the fifth time. The "Rem Dawg" was first diagnosed in 2008 and had a recent battle with the disease last season. Remy has not returned to the booth since the announcement on Aug. 7.

We're happy to hear that one of the all-time great color guys in all of baseball is on the mend. We look forward to hearing his iconic voice on Wednesday night -- as long as Mother Nature can do her part.


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