On occasion we will get a letter or an email from a DXer from a faraway land.  The hobby of DXing is when the hobbyist tries to pick up extremely distance radio signals. If they are able to make out distant audio they will document what they heard, when they heard it and what radio station they were able to pick up.

From there they will reach out the radio station and include the information they gathered and ask the station to confirm if that was indeed the station they were listening to. Last week Whoopee received an email from Göte, a 66-year-old former journalism teacher that lives in Tenhult Sweden.  I was happy to respond to Göte and let him know he did actually pick-up Whoopee from his home in Sweden. Göte's email to us is below that also includes a link to an audio file where you can faintly make out a piece of Whoopee audio that he recorded.

Long distance reception report from:

SE-561 61 Tenhult

Greetings from Sweden,

My name is Göte XXXXXX and I am writing to report reception of your radio station WUPE Pittsfield MA on 1110 kHz AM. I listened to WUPE on December 29, 2020 from 4.24 to 4.25 p.m. your local time (on December 29, 2020 from 21.24 to 21.25 hours GMT/UTC). Very good reception conditions made it possible to hear WUPE early in the evening.

To prove that I have heard your station I have made a mp3 recording from your program. On the recording you can hear a station identification “… Classic Hits 100.1 and 103.3 Whoopee FM”. I have also uploaded the file to DropBox. You can listen to the audio if you click on this link.

I hope you can take the time to listen to the audio file and that you can verify that I have heard WUPE. If my reception report is correct, I would be glad if you can send me a QSL-card or an email in return confirming that I received WUPE.

I am a radio enthusiast since 1969 and my favorites are stations in the AM/mediumwave band but I also listen to shortwave. I collect verifications from the stations I hear and I have until now approximately 1570 stations in 158 different countries verified. My radio receivers are a Perseus software defined receiver and an ELAD FDM-S2 software defined receiver and I use directional antennas beamed to different parts of the world.  I sometimes also use a remote-controlled Kiwi-SDR receiver in the north of Sweden. I am also a radio amateur or HAM-operator with the call sign SM7XUF.

I am 66 years old and last year I retired from my work as CFO and Real Estate Manager at Folkhögskola, which is a school for students over 18, in Jönköping in the south of Sweden.  We have been educating journalist students for more than 30 years. Many of the Swedish media persons in newspapers, radio and TV have been students at our school. I am married to Karin who is a teacher at the same school. We have two daughters, Marie 29 and Åsa 26 both living in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. We also run a farm with sheep and lambs.

I wish you all the best in your work with your station. Thank you very much in advance. Look forward to hear from you. Stay healthy and have a nice day!

Yours sincerely

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