The divisional round of the NFL playoffs is underway and after this weekend there will be four teams fighting for their shot at the Lombardi Trophy, unfortunately for Massachusetts fans, none of them are the New England Patriots.

Are Massachusetts fans still ready for a big game party?

The key elements to a Super Bowl party are pretty simple: Big TV, a good sound system, cold drinks, and of course, TONS of food. The only thing worse than a blowout Super Bowl is a disappointing party spread.

While most Massachusetts residents are used to hosting a big game party featuring the New England Patriots, this year they will have more time to concentrate on a killer buffet. Since football fans in Massachusetts are no strangers to Super Bowl Sunday, it has me wondering, what is their favorite dish to serve? Well, I found out, and I have to say I was surprised and slightly disappointed to find the answer.

The Most Popular Super Bowl Snack in Massachusetts

According to Google trends, the most popular Super Bowl food in Massachusetts is....chili?!

Now don't get me wrong, a nice, hearty, well-seasoned bowl of warm chili with a little cheese and cornbread can be pretty spectacular, but it's just not what I think of when I think of the BEST SUPER BOWL FOOD out there. On a cold day tailgating before a game? Sure, it's perfect. But for a Super Bowl party on someone's brand new white couch? Seems dicey.

Buffalo Chicken Dip, Chicken Wings, Seven Layer Dip, and other classics prevailed in other states, but Tennessee was the only other state where chili topped the list.

Check out this full list of the most searched Super Bowl foods by state:

  • Alabama – Tri-tip
  • Alaska – Beef stew
  • Arizona – 7-layer dip
  • Arkansas – Wagyu beef
  • California – Cheeseburger sliders
  • Colorado – Chili
  • Connecticut – Buffalo chicken dip
  • Delaware – Prawn toast
  • Florida – Chicken wings
  • Georgia – Korean bbq
  • Hawaii – Hawaiian bbq chicken
  • Idaho – Birria tacos
  • Illinois – Illinois
  • Indiana – Charcuterie
  • Iowa – Crab Rangoon dip
  • Kansas – Buffalo chicken dip
  • Kentucky – Jambalaya
  • Louisiana – 7-layer dip
  • Maine – Nachos
  • Maryland – Deep-fried wingettes
  • Massachusetts – Chili
  • Michigan – Chicken wings
  • Minnesota – Chex Mix
  • Mississippi – Birria tacos
  • Missouri – Buffalo chicken dip
  • Montana – Keto egg bites
  • Nebraska – Labneh
  • Nevada – Birria tacos
  • New Hampshire – Lasagna
  • New Jersey – Buffalo chicken dip
  • New Mexico – New Mexico
  • New York – Buffalo chicken dip
  • North Carolina – Pigs in a blanket
  • North Dakota – Stuffed peppers
  • Ohio – Cheese ball
  • Oklahoma – Charcuterie board
  • Oregon – Pasta fagioli
  • Pennsylvania – Cuban sandwich
  • Rhode Island – Short ribs
  • South Carolina – Meatball
  • South Dakota – White queso
  • Tennessee – Chili
  • Texas – Chocolate chip cookies
  • Utah – 7-layer dip
  • Vermont – Pork chow mein
  • Virginia – Charcuterie board
  • Washington – 7-layer dip
  • Washington D.C. – Mochi
  • West Virginia – Grilled cheese
  • Wisconsin – Buffalo chicken dip
  • Wyoming – Chia seed coconut milk dessert


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