So I will admit it I loved when Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure came out so long ago, and there was talk that there would be a third movie. Well, it is coming!

For so many years it seemed like nothing more than a silly dream but here we finally are, watching the first trailer for the THIRD"Bill & Ted" movie!!!

Orion Pictures/Youtube

It's called "Bill & Ted Face the Music" and it's got KEANU REEVES and ALEX WINTER still trying to craft the song that unites the world.  They even travel to the future and meet super-jacked prison versions of themselves.

The trailer came out yesterday, which Alex Winter would like you to know was Bill & Ted DAY.  Why?  Because it was June 9th,  a.k.a. 6/9.  If you get it, you get it.  If not, watch the original "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" again.

Here is an interview the Keanu Reeves did on the Jonathan Ross show about the movie.

Jonathon Ross show/Youtube


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