Looks like Clarksburg will be ready when the state Cannabis Control Commission which now is in the process  filing draft regulations that are expected to be released in March. The state will begin issuing licenses in April 1, with about 75 licenses expected to be available statewide.

At Thursday's special town meeting Clarksburg voters had more of an interest and approval for marijuana than solar arrays.
 Iberskhires.com reports that nine of the 10 articles on the warrant were passed by significant margins by the 77 voters present.
At least an hour of the 2 1/2 hour meeting focused on the marijuana and solar bylaws.

The proposed bylaw on marijuana production, processing, testing and retail would have limited those uses to the only existing Industrial 1 zone that encompasses Town Hall to the former Strong-Hewat mill. However, several residents pushed back on that asking that retail or other uses be expanded into commercial, I-S and agricultural zones.
 Most of the bylaw was basic permitting and conditions and would require a special permit from the Planning Board. It would allow the town to institute up to a 3 percent tax on marijuana sales.
In the end, the bylaw was amended to also allow retail marijuana in industrial/service areas.

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