Just a heads up from the City of Pittsfield, folks! They've announced more paving and roadwork for July 19-July23 as part of the City of Pittsfield's 2021 Street Improvement Project.

The following is an updated list of streets getting work done on particular days:

  • Monday, July 19 and Tuesday, July 20: berm installation on Waverly and Arlington streets as well as Velma and Cole avenues.
  • Wednesday, July 21: finish pave on Waverly and Arlington streets.
  • Thursday, July 22: finish pave Velma Avenue.
  • Friday, July 23: finish pave on Cascade Street.

You may want to find an alternate route if your daily commute will be affected on any of those days. Please keep in mind that the preceding schedule is by no means set in stone and may change according to weather conditions.

Also, on-street parking is prohibited during the roadwork between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. every day. The City of Pittsfield asks for your cooperation and thanks you for your patience.

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