As we roll into another beautiful, sunny(if a little chilly) weekend here in the Berkshires, the City of Pittsfield's 2021 Street Improvement Project rolls on, as well.

Thankfully, the City of Pittsfield and the Mayor's Office have once again provided us with some pertinent information on what streets will be seeing roadwork this coming week, so we can all plan our daily commutes accordingly.

The schedule for Monday, November 8-Friday, November 12 is as follows:

  • Monday, Nov. 8: Paving Anita Drive; paving driveway aprons on Cadwell Road, Hawthorne Avenue, and Oxford Street.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 9: Pave driveway aprons on Brenton Terrace, Oxford, and Buel streets.
  • Wednesday, Nov. 10: Pave driveway aprons on Buel, Deming, and High streets.
  • Thursday, Nov. 11: Pave driveway aprons on High Street and Cliff Avenue.
  • Friday, Nov. 12: If time allows, pave driveway aprons on Curtain and Paul avenues, Lucille and Hawk streets.

As always, there is no on-street parking during this work between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day. Be careful where you park. Residents whose driveway aprons will be replaced are advised to find alternate parking on nearby streets to ensure they have access to their vehicles during this work.

If your daily commute involves any of the streets being worked on, you may want to map out an alternate route from your starting point to your destination. Or, simply allow yourself some extra time in case there are delays.

Keep in mind that the roadwork schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. The City of Pittsfield thanks you in advance for your patience.

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