Pittsfield has announced a schedule of Cold-in-Place paving projects as part of the city’s 2020 Street Improvement Project.  The work will begin this Thursday on Elizabeth Street…Friday move to Dorchester Ave…and Monday August 3rd, move to Dawnes Ave.  The city is requiring no on-street parking at those locations during the work period.

According to the Cornell University website, Cold-in-Place recycling is a method of removing and reusing the existing asphalt surface. It involves grinding off the top 2 to 5 inches of the existing asphalt surface and mixing the crushed asphalt with an asphalt recycling agent, and placing it back down with a paver. Often specific sized aggregate is added to correct the deficiencies found in the existing asphalt material. Asphalt deficiencies are determined by sampling and testing the existing asphalt material prior to beginning the process.

Pittsfield City Hall release below…

Please note the following change in schedule to cold in place (pavement recycling process) work scheduled during the week of July 27, as part of the City of Pittsfield’s 2020 Street Improvement Project.

Thursday, July 30: Cold in place on Elizabeth Street.

Friday, July 31: Cold in place on Dorchester Avenue.

Monday, Aug. 3: Cold in place on Dawes Avenue.

On-street parking is prohibited during this work. Please note the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions. The City of Pittsfield thanks you for your patience during this time.

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